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21 February 2009

Neptune's Realm

If you're into aquariums (and I am), Neptune's Realm is the place to go in Colorado Springs for stock and supplies. They are absolutely the most helpful and knowledgable about any kind of fish or marine life. Pat and I stopped in there yesterday because we adopted a bunch of fish from the Humane Society the other day and were having trouble identifying one of the fish. We thought Neptune's Realm might have a specimen on hand to match ours, but no luck.

We did see that the shop is undergoing a major overhaul at the moment. I took a photo of the mural in their front window, just in case they plan on replacing it -- this mural has been there since I can remember! Neptune's Realm has been in the same spot (26th and Colorado) since 1976, which is a heck of a long time. I suppose it's time to upgrade and modernize a little! It's going to look great in there when they've finished. The owner told me it should be about another month or so. Make sure to stop in and admire the shiny "new" space!


San Diego Farmgirl said...

Fish from the Humane Society? That had never occurred to me, interesting! Do you have to quarantine them to prevent infecting your other fishies?

Tamera said...

I know, how funny that they have fish at the Humane Society! I guess it's not a common occurrence but sometimes they end up with "stray" fish (that's what they call them) when someone's been evicted or arrested or foreclosed on. Pat got them for me for Valentines Day. How sweet is that? I didn't happen to have any other fish at the time so I didn't have to quarantine them, but I would have if I had an active tank going.

Lisa Wilson said...

Wow! I didn't know fish were up for adoption from the Humane Society! "Stray" fish, LOL. That is a bad economy when people can't even feed their fish.

You definitely need to visit Telluride if you never have! The summer is just as beautiful as winter. They say people come here for the winter, but they stay here for the summer.