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30 March 2009

Taco Star

My name is Tamera and I am a burrito-holic. I have no control over my cravings for Taco Star burrito goodness.

Just kidding! (Or not.) Taco Star is an awesome 24-hour taco stand near my house. Actually they have two locations near my house -- one to the east, one to the west, which is a very bad thing because I have absolutely no willpower whatsoever when the burrito craving strikes. My favorite is the Colorado burrito: steak, potato, onions, cheese. Oh man it's good! I don't know what all they put into it (crack cocaine? or maybe it's just pure lard) but it is insanely delicious and habit forming. I don't even want to know how many calories are in that thing. Anything that tastes as good as a Taco Star Colorado burrito must be good for you, right?

Yes, Pat and I are hopeless addicts (Pat's addiction is the chorizo burrito). They like us there. They've gotten to know us pretty well! This is the guy who served me a burrito with a smile today. All the guys at Taco Star are awesome!


Lois said...

Thanks Tamera, now I'm hungry!

Kate said...

That shirt is really yellow. Are you sure it's not for theme day??

Tamera said...

Kate, it seems like everything is yellow in my pictures this week! But don't worry, I have a nice yellow flower stashed away for theme day :o)

San Diego Farmgirl said...

If add avocado to that Colorado burrito, you have a California burrito! No, seriously, there's a California burrito the taco shops sell out here, and that's what's in it. haha

Anonymous said...

Burritos ARE sinfully delicious! Where I'm from, we eat them just about every day :-)