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16 April 2009

X in concert

I am a huge music fan. My tastes tend to run to punk and alternative, and I am an avid concert-goer along with Pat. Last night we got to see one of our favorite bands, X, at the Bluebird Theater in Denver. The Bluebird is a great place to see a show because it's so small -- there are no "nosebleed" seats there.

We love X and have seen them many times. Last night we were so close that I literally got to shake Billy Zoom's hand. How cool is that?!? We were right up next to the stage. It wasn't that long ago that you were frisked at the door for cameras and recording equipment, but lately I think the venues and promoters have given up on fighting that battle. Subsequently I was able to click away along with the rest of the crowd. Billy even smiled for my camera.

Here's one of my favorite shots of the night. What a rock star! They put on such a great show for us -- X never disappoints! I love this band!

For more on X see their official site here, or check out this extensive Wikipedia article on them.


Lois said...

I think it's great that you got to take pictures! My daughter and I went to an Aerosmith concert a few years ago and they would not let us in until we took our camera back to the car.

James said...

I was scaning city daily photo and I thought wow that guy reminds me of Billy Zoom. :-) I have been an X fan for almost 30yrs. In the early 80's talent wise they were a few notches above most of the local LA and Orange County punk bands. I sold most of my old punk records and cd's but I still have X.
Great post! Great band.