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07 May 2009

The Swetsville Zoo

To follow up yesterday's post... My Fort Collins trip with Jenn on Sunday included a stop at the Swetsville Zoo, where you can enjoy the quirky folk art of retired farmer Bill Swets. The Swetsville Zoo sits right off of exit 265 (from I-25 take a right and you're there). I've heard of it but never visited, so thanks Jenn for the suggestion! It's not a zoo in the traditional sense of the word. It's a sculpture garden full of marvelous folk art, set on a farm.

I was amazed. For one thing, the place was completely deserted except for Mr. Swets' artwork. It was just Jenn and me wandering around with our cameras. (And a few mosquitos, since the Poudre River runs through the property.) Wandering around this crazy, deserted sculpture garden/farm was such a neat experience. The sculptures themselves are crafted completely from, well, junk. And they're so cool! Lots and lots of dinosaurs, dragons, frogs, giant bugs... you name it! I could spend all day there. Too bad I didn't bring a "real" camera, but I got some decent pictures with my little point-and-shoot. I'll post a few more here over the next three or four days.

Unfortunately the Swetsville Zoo will soon be dismantled. Yes, it's sad. The road that it sits on is scheduled to be widened, and the Swets' property is smack in the middle of all that progress. The art will be donated and disbursed here and there. I'm glad I got a chance to visit the place before that happened.


~Cheryl said...

What a cool zoo! It's sad to think of this zoo family getting scatterd all hither to yon. Sometimes you have to stop and wonder just what is the definition of "progress"?

Hilda said...

That's just awful! To lose such a wondrous place :(

His work is wonderful and I really like it!

Lois said...

What a cool place! Too bad it won't be there much longer. Glad you got some pictures before it's too late!

Misfit in Paradise said...

Very cool creature.

Frank said...

I'm sure it was a little weird to have the zoo to yourself but just think of the joy you brought to the creatures there rusting all alone.