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13 June 2012

The Concours d'Elegance exotic car show

My brother Chuck and I are both gearheads, though he's far, far more afflicted than I am!  I think after years and years of listening to him talk endlessly about cars, it must have sunk into my brain and psyche a little.  If you're a regular reader of this blog you probably know that I own a vintage BMW a lot like the one in the photo above, and in the past I've owned a couple of vintage VW Karmann Ghias.  I love little German cars, yes I do!  Chuck currently owns a modern BMW -- an M3, to be exact -- and a 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6, which is in perfect condition.  He's put a lot of love into it over the years.  It's a real babe!

Every summer there's a big exotic car show held at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton (southwest Denver) to benefit Cerebral Palsy, and Chuck relishes the chance to show off his Alfa there.  I try to make it most years but am nearly always foiled by wedding season.  This year I did make it to the Concours, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I never get tired of looking at beautiful cars.  One of these years I'm going to get my '72 BMW 2002 Tii all spiffed up and show it off too, just like my big brother :^)

Here are a few pictures of some remarkable cars at this year's Concours d'Elegance:

Here's Chuck with his beautiful '85 Alfa Romeo GTV6.

This Mercedes Gullwing is to die for!

Can you believe this Lamborghini Countach once belonged to basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain?!?  Imagine a 7'-1" man trying to fit into it!

The BMW Isetta is one of the most unique little cars ever produced, in my opinion. I would love to have one. This Isetta was immaculate, showroom perfect. I'd love to drive it!


Randy said...

I'll take the first and the last car!

Tamera said...

I'll take any of them! ;^)

Mo said...

I wouldn't mind a spin in any of them