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21 May 2013

Kokopelli hunting

Ah, Kokopelli the flute player, King of the Tchotchkes, circa 1994.  How is it that he's had such staying power?  Cast your mind back to the 1990s, when Pottery Barn was still just a catalog, when overalls were the sartorial must-have of the day, when Beverly Hills 90210 and Twin Peaks ruled our television sets.  Do you remember Southwestern décor?  Do you remember faux painted walls, grunge, and Sega?  Do you remember Kokopelli? The shadow of him still endures in Colorado. If you look closely, you can find him in yards, on car bumpers, t-shirts, mugs and platters, on wind chimes, gates and candlesticks... heck, every now and then, if you're lucky, you may even see a Kokopelli tattoo!  My friends and I find this very amusing, and make a game of taking pictures of every Kokopelli we see, even if it means following a car through traffic for miles just to get a snap of a Kokopelli bumper sticker (I've done this).  I found a whopper of a Kokopelli the other day, and of course how could I pass him by without memorializing him in a photo? ;^)


Carraol said...

Great catch, love the image!

Hilda said...

I don't know who or what Kokopelli is, but I like it!

Randy said...

I love it!