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31 December 2014

Goodbye, 2014!

It's the last day of the year! 2014 certainly went by quickly, didn't it? I have been doing this blog since late 2008, and 2014 is the first year that I've managed to post every single day of the entire year. Sometimes it wasn't easy coming up with content (which resulted in some truly mediocre pictures I'm afraid), but I'm proud of the fact that I didn't miss a single day, for the first time in the history of Colorado Springs Daily Photo. That's something to celebrate!

I thought it would close out the year with some pictures of one of my favorite places, the Garden of the Gods. I took these yesterday afternoon, even though it was only about 6° F (-14 Celsius) outside! So I froze a little but I got some beautiful pictures for you.

I hope your year has been full of fun and exciting experiences, lots of hugs, and lots of learning. Here's to more of the same in 2015!

Here's a panoramic shot from one of my favorite vantage points, the Mesa overlook. As you can see, Pikes Peak in the background is almost completely obscured by clouds.

SEE YOU IN 2015!


Stefan Jansson said...

Nice series. The top photo should be framed.

William Kendall said...

It really is a magical and majestic place. You've captured it beautifully.

Happy New Year!

from Madrid said...

To see these pictures I have to put the coat. (Just kidding).
Happy New Year!

Randy said...

It's lovely in the snow.

Miss G said...

I found your blog this year and enjoy and appreciate learning tidbits about Colorado Springs since I am still fairly new to town. Congrats on posting everyday! I think I've posted less this year than any year I've blogged. :( And PROPS to you for being outside yesterday!!!! Kelly

Tamera said...

Thanks Kelly! I know, it was COLD out there! Brrrr! Have a happy New Year, everyone! I look forward to all the pictures in 2015!!!