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22 December 2014

Olympic figure skater Rachael Flatt at Acacia Park

On Saturday afternoon, 2010 US National Champion and 2010 Olympic figure skater Rachael Flatt graced the outdoor ice rink at Acacia Park with her presence. What a treat! Rachael lived and trained in Colorado Springs, so we consider her one of our hometown heroes (she had massive local support when she went to the Olympics, that's for certain). She wasn't at the park to give an exhibition of her talents, though; instead, she was on hand just to teach people how to ice skate! Several children took her up on her offer, and she graciously guided each one of them through the basics. It was a lot of fun to watch. And her tutelage worked -- they were practically ready for the Olympics by the time she was finished with them! There were a lot of people out on the ice today, enjoying the sunshine while the Pikes Peak Trombone Choir entertained us with Christmas carols. What a great day! I love our downtown at Christmastime!
The Pikes Peak Trombone Choir performed Christmas music while we enjoyed the sunshine. They sounded great! I'm notoriously not a fan of Christmas music but I truly enjoyed this.

Olympian Rachael Flatt on the ice.

Here she is, doing what she does best!

She gave this little girl quite a few pointers.

This guy glided along all afternoon with a happy smile on his face. He obviously loves to skate.

There was another impressive figure skater out on the ice, but I don't know who she was. I have a few friends who are connected to US Figure Skating, and I've asked them if they can tell me her name. I'll update this post when I know more.

She could really spin!

One more shot of Rachael Flatt, with her little posse of students. Cute!


William Kendall said...

Rachael has a radiant smile!

Randy said...

Excellent photos.

John King said...

Rachael is adorably cute, as well as talented!