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08 March 2015

Sunday Style!

I randomly made the acquaintance of this sharply dressed fellow, Kevin, at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, the night before a snowstorm was forecast. The place was seething with people desperate to get groceries before the weather came. It was stressful, to say the least. There he was, in the fancy food aisle, on the phone asking his wife to describe the label of a certain exotic food item so he could locate it. I was similarly nonplussed, in search of red curry paste and frustrated by my inability to find it. Of course, the moment I saw him, my quest for red curry paste was forgotten as I saw what a great subject he'd make for a Sunday Style post! I introduced myself and took his picture then and there, but since it turned out to be a lousy shot, we agreed to meet up again last week for a "reshoot". As it turns out, Kevin and his wife design and sell bespoke bow ties. How cool is that? It only makes sense. Not a lot of men could pull off a windowpane checked shirt and a paisley bow tie with such panache, so obviously he's a creative sort, and naturally his significant other would be too! Kevin is definitely a confident dresser. He's wearing three patterns all at once here, and the backside of the bow tie is striped, so actually he's gotten four patterns to play nicely together -- not an easy feat. I love the boots, and the belt is a great find. The bow tie is, of course, the perfect personal touch. You can see more of Kevin's bespoke ties, and order one of your own, on his site, Horse & Carriage Bow Ties
The tie is reversible, as you can see from this picture. Very cool!


Kate said...

Wonderful portraits with an interesting subject!

Stefan Jansson said...

Great portrait of a well dressed guy.

William Kendall said...

You don't see bow ties often anymore.

Randy said...

Nice outfit!