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20 May 2015

Amy's Donuts

We've heard many tales of grandeur about Amy's Donuts, but never entered its hallowed portals. Yesterday was perfect doughnut weather -- gloomy, rainy and cold -- so we decided to give Amy's a go. When we walked through the door and cast our eyes upon the multitude of sweet treats, it was as if the heavens opened up and a choir of angels began to sing. Seriously, it was doughnut Nirvana. Half the goodies were sold out (we got there around noon, long after the morning rush), and yet the choices were still mind boggling. I intended on having just one for myself and one for Pat. We ended up with half a dozen and, after eating three, bought a Nutella one on the way out. (I am utterly helpless in the presence of Nutella. It's like Kryptonite.) While we were there, a customer walked in and asked if there were any sugar-free doughnuts. The employee smiled and said, "Not at Amy's!" We had to laugh. It's definitely a full-on sugary experience!

But I digress. We asked the lady behind the counter for the back story on this deliciousness. She told me that the owners, Chin and Amy Kim, had come here from Dallas, where they already owned a couple of doughnut shops. Amy's was opened in the old Dairy Queen building on Fountain and Circle only about 18 months ago, and it was an immediate hit. Everyone ha
s been raving about it from the get-go. I can see (and taste) why! The flavors range from your basic, garden variety glazed to Orange Creamsicle to Dirty Worms to Maple Coffee Cake. Their creative, inspired menu changes constantly, which I'm sure has only contributed to their success. The Kims have done so well, they've opened a second location in Pueblo! I think every city should have an Amy's Donuts!
The half-dozen we chose. Mmmmmm.
This doughnut was covered in cotton candy. Way too sweet for me but Pat inhaled it.
"The Elvis": bacon, bananas and chocolate. Holy crap!
This one is covered in Fruity Pebbles, one of my favorite childhood breakfast cereals.
Just a small handful of the many crazy doughnut flavors at Amy's. Yum!


Rob Siemann said...

I WANT!!!!

William Kendall said...

Though I don't really go for doughnuts, I'd give these a try.

Randy said...

I'll take one of each!

Tamera said...

So. Much. Sugar.