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18 May 2016

Over Easy

I had lunch with my mom at Over Easy last week. I've been to their downtown location before, but wanted to try the one at University Village near UCCS, so that's where we went. The food was quite good, just like the downtown Over Easy. My mom had a Cuban sandwich and a cup of soup, and since I'd skipped breakfast, I had a breakfast burrito. (I love breakfast food at any time of day! I'm just like Leslie Knope in that regard. Ha.) My food was delicious and I enjoyed every bite. The red chili was fantastic!

Over Easy is very popular and there is almost always a line at the door. I think it's great when people are willing to wait in line at a local restaurant rather than a chain. Locally owned restaurants are always better! I do, however, have one serious complaint about the Over Easy at University Hills. It has concrete floors, double height ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. The ceiling itself is clad in metal. The few walls are faced in brick. All of this looks great, but the decibel level in there is insane when there's a full house, because those hard surfaces everywhere do nothing but bounce the sound around. It's obnoxiously loud. In trying to have a conversation with my mother, I found that I had to sit right next to her and lean in, and I still had to raise my voice for her to be able to make out what I was saying. The waitress at the table next to us was literally shouting at her customers to be heard. Whoever designed the space apparently gave no thought whatsoever to acoustics, and that was a terrible mistake. I feel sorry for the employees -- their ears must be ringing by the end of lunch service! I must say, I will not be going back to the University Hills location. For me, good conversation is part of the dining experience. Shouting to be heard, and straining to hear what others are saying, does not make for a a good time, no matter how great the food is! But don't worry, I'll just hit up the downtown Over Easy for my breakfast burrito! Much quieter there.

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William Kendall said...

That would be a problem for me- my hearing is very finely tuned. I'm sure I could find something to my liking on the menu.