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19 May 2016

Palmer Lake

Palmer Lake is a picturesque little hamlet a few miles north of Colorado Springs. It's part of an area generally known as the Tri-Lakes, which also includes Monument. You can see that it's a pretty place! I've only blogged about Palmer Lake once before (with pictures by my friend Jennifer), so last week when Pat and I had a rare idle afternoon ahead of us, we decided to drive up there and take a few pictures. It was a great way to spend some free time. The lake was refilled recently, after a few years of depressing emptiness. It's been restored back to its natural charm, and the waterfowl are just beginning to rediscover the place. So are the anglers! I didn't know this, but there's also a Frisbee golf course right next to the lake, a donation from the Palmer Lake Restaurant Group. A handful of teenagers were playing a round while we were there.

It's nice that the residents of Palmer Lake finally have their lake again. If I lived up there, I'd spend a lot of time just hanging around in this spot with a good book and a camera.

There were only a few ducks on the lake, and no geese. I think it might be another couple of years before the waterfowl return in full force.
Nice view to the south! In the foreground is the disc golf course.

A little bit of local history for you :^)


Honest Abe Lincoln said...

Two of my students live in Colorado Springs, or nearby. Gary Foley and Rachel Lackey. It is beautiful country. Another friend, for many years, was also a calligrapher, like I was, and his name was James Hayes.

William Kendall said...

It looks like such a beautiful area!