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13 February 2017

North Junior High School architectural details

Yesterday I had to drop by a friend's house to pick up a book, and I brought my camera with me in case some great photo op presented itself. As I was leaving her house I looked across the street, and there was my photo op! It's funny how you can see something in your own city a thousand times and never notice its individual beauty. I researched to try and find the year North was built, but can't find any info on it. My best guess is around 1900 to 1915 or so, same as the houses in that neighborhood. Along with the friend I visited yesterday, I have another friend who also lives a stone's throw away from the school. Both friends have kids that went to North, and Pat and I like to use the track there for walking or running, so it's not like I've never been around this school before. Yet it wasn't until yesterday that I noticed the ornate stonework and the Juliet balconies above the doors. I stopped to take a couple of pictures. I'll try and remember to take more this summer, when the grass is green, so you can see the entire building.

February 14, 2017 edit: Thanks to regular reader Kelly (see the comments on this post), I have learned that North first opened its doors to students on September 29, 1924, which makes it 93 years old. Thanks Kelly!


William Kendall said...

Very pretty!

Miss G said...

I found a bit of history on the school. http://m.gazette.com/colorado-springs-school-family-celebrates-old-charm-new-attitudes/article/1550978 Also I have family who used to work there. Kelly

Tamera said...

Kelly, you are my hero!!! :) Thanks for the link! I'll update the post. Tamera