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12 February 2017

Sunday Style!

A ha! This is the photo I was searching for last weekend, that sent me down the rabbit hole of my archives file! I hope you've enjoyed all the "salon des refus├ęs" images I've been posting over the past seven days, and it was all because I couldn't find this photo, which I took on May 19th of last year. (As it turns out, it wasn't in my archives file at all, which explains why I was having such a tough time locating it.) I snapped this guy on the UCCS campus, and while he certainly looks cool (those shoes!), what I like best about him is that his jeans fit. I don't mean that they're fitted, I mean they fit. Yes they're obviously designed to be narrow, and he's tall and slim so they look good on him, but my point is this: look how exactly perfect the length is. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people wear trousers or jeans that sag over their shoes. All that extra fabric looks sloppy and makes your legs look short, and I especially hate when hems drag on the ground and get torn and dirty. Getting your jeans adjusted to the right length is a minor expense and it makes you look considerably better!

If you're one of my local readers and you need to get some alterations done, I highly recommend Alterations by Sylvia, on the southwest corner of Academy and Union next to the aquarium store. She does a professional job, she's fast, and her prices are very reasonable.

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William Kendall said...

I tend to go for jeans of the proper length. I once bought a pair that were just a bit too long, and they were problematic.