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12 April 2009

2000 Wok

Another car -vs- restaurant confrontation! How is that possible? The victim this time is a popular, family-owned Chinese restaurant on Fillmore Street called 2000 Wok. Apparently a very drunk woman heading eastbound on Fillmore lost control of her car and drove right into the building. She was going so fast that she flew through the window on the west side of the restaurant, smashed through the dining room, and exited the opposite window on the east side of the building. Holy cow! The good news is that this accident happened very late at night, so no one was in the place. I can't imagine the carnage if it had happened during business hours. As it is, the driver ended up badly injured and was rushed to the hospital. The restaurant isn't doing so hot either -- there's a sign on the door that reads, "Sorry, we are close for now. Due to an car accident that ran into our restaurant. We will open back soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!" Inconvenience, indeed!

My brother will be so bummed. He loves 2000 Wok!


Lois said...

Glad no one was inside at the time!

San Diego Farmgirl said...

Good grief! Who would drive when they're that drunk? In this era of cell phones, call a friend ... or do your drinking within walking distance!

Hope they have good insurance!