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Hi, I'm Tamera, a professional wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer in Colorado Springs. But this blog isn't about my professional work; no, it's a daily love note to my beautiful city, where I've lived for most of my life. I love it here and I hope you enjoy seeing Colorado Springs through my eyes and lens!

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14 October 2018

Sunday Style!

I had to run to the grocery store yesterday, and as I was going in, this smartly dressed person caught my eye. Who goes grocery shopping looking this snazzy? Becky does! She told me that she's a hair stylist, and when I asked her if she always looks so put together, she said yes. And even though she said she's in the middle of moving to a new place and felt like she looked bedraggled, she was the best dressed person at Safeway. I think her coat is fantastic -- it's very flattering, it fits perfectly, and it's a silhouette that never goes out of style. Her boots and purse are also on point and season appropriate. Great hair color, too, which goes without saying! Becky, thanks for letting this random stranger take your picture, you made my day with your big smile and snappy style!

13 October 2018

Fans of the Orange Crush

Last Sunday, Pat and I went to brunch at the Omelette Parlor. In the adjacent bar, O'Furry's, the football game was in full swing and Bronco fans were riveted to the TV. Alas, the Broncos lost to the Jets and it was a big bummer! But fans of the Orange Crush are a resilient lot. Our team may be in a "rebuilding" phase, but we are ever hopeful for a winning season. Tomorrow we face off against the Rams. Go Broncos!

12 October 2018

A beach in Colorado Springs

We may be in the mountains, but we do have a "beach," or what passes for one. It's at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort and it even has sand! I was there a little over a week ago, location scouting with a client who wanted to choose just the right setting to propose to his sweetheart. This was the spot! I took this picture just as the sun was about to dip behind the foothills. A couple of days later, I hid behind a boat shed and snapped away while he got down on bended knee, and I'm happy to report that she said yes! I plan to share a few of those pictures in a day or two on my Facebook business page, and when that happens I'll link to it on this blog.

11 October 2018

The Franciscan Retreat Center

A few things I saw when I was location scouting at the Franciscan Retreat Center a few days ago. I love this place, it's so peaceful. 😊
Random green door that leads somewhere subterranean. I'm itching to know what's behind it.
At least two pergolas like this. They look like bus stops but they can't be, there's no signage to indicate that. I've been to the Franciscan Retreat Center before and these have never made an impression on me until now. It must have been the beautiful fall color.
A tuberculosis hut, because this place started out as a sanatorium, not an abbey. To read more about our city's odd history with tuberculosis, read THIS post from October of 2011.

10 October 2018


Location scouting again (I actually scouted for three different clients on the same afternoon), this time at the Franciscan Retreat off of Woodmen Road. It's so pretty there. I don't think the most Colorado Springs residents are aware that this place exists. You should really check it out sometime. More tomorrow!

09 October 2018

The Heritage Garden

A few pretty pictures of one of my favorite spots in the city, the Heritage Garden in Monument Valley Park, at my favorite time of year. I was there location scouting for a wedding client who lives out of state. It's such a nice garden, and something of a well kept secret -- as usual, no one was there but me.
The beautiful Art Nouveau statue is clearly a Van Briggle design; the Van Briggle building is a stone's throw away from this spot. The square tiles that you see embedded in the wall behind her are also Van Briggle.

08 October 2018


A peaceful little moment at the duck pond in Monument Valley Park, captured on October 4th.