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Hi, I'm Tamera, a professional wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer in Colorado Springs. But this blog isn't about my professional work; no, it's a daily love note to my beautiful city, where I've lived for most of my life. I love it here and I hope you enjoy seeing Colorado Springs through my eyes and lens!

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19 January 2022

Weidner Field

I finally had a chance to get a snap of Weidner Field (well, the outside of it anyway). This is our new professional soccer field downtown. I've yet to attend a Switchbacks game there, but it's on my list. I do like this eye catching giant-silver-ball-slash-ring thing but the pragmatic side of me wonders what it'll look like after we get one of our epic hailstorms!

18 January 2022

Another Favorite Mural

This one's a bit older than the one in yesterday's post, but although it's become a little weather-worn, isn't it cool? Do you remember having a tape deck? I still have one! (Or three.)

17 January 2022

New Favorite Mural

I'm intrigued by this enormous mural that covers the entire north façade of Kinship Landing, the newest trendy downtown hotel.

13 January 2022

Man on a Mission

The Warehouse Restaurant has a huge mural on its entire west façade that also wraps around the north side of the building. If memory serves me correctly I believe it was painted by local artist Doug Rouse, who went to high school with Pat and was a good friend of Pat's brother, Gene. I can't really say I know Doug myself, only through mutual friends, but I do know that he can be kind of a flamboyant dresser. I wonder if this bicycle riding fop is a self portrait.

12 January 2022

Daydreams of Springtime in Holland

Today's picture is a bit mediocre, but since I didn't have time to wander around with my camera, I plundered my archives instead. Bad picture notwithstanding, I do enjoy the mural on Boonzaaijer's east facing wall. In my defense it's hard to get a good angle because there are always cars parked in front of it. Most people around here just call this place the Dutch bakery, since the real name is a little challenging to pronounce! 

11 January 2022

The Living Room

I love the idea of this store! And what a clever name, since they sell only houseplants. I've heard that since the pandemic began, houseplants have become a huge hobby, especially among millenials. As for me, although I'm a good gardener outdoors, funnily enough I'm terrible with houseplants. I have exactly four of them, three of which I've had for decades, believe it or not. The fourth one was a fairly recent wedding favor that grew from a little bitty thing to a rather gangly larger plant that quite truthfully I'm not crazy about. But all the other many houseplants I've tried to grow over the years have died. I guess the four survivors are just stubborn or hard to kill (three are succulents, that seems to be the best choice for me since they're apparently indestructible). I'll have to check out the Living Room because no doubt they have a ton of expertise in addition to their plenitude of plants.

Meow Wolf

Have you heard of Meow Wolf? I guess it can be described as a multisensory art experience. At first it was only in Santa Fe, New Mexico, then I think a second one opened in Las Vegas, and now there's one in Denver, which you see pictured here in a snapshot I took out the car window as we were passing by. I've never been to Meow Wolf but many of my friends have. They describe it as very, well, psychedelic. From what they tell me, the best one is in Santa Fe, so maybe I'll make a special trip to New Mexico to check it out before I hit up the Denver location.