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Hi, I'm Tamera, a professional wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer in Colorado Springs. But this blog isn't about my professional work; no, it's a daily love note to my beautiful city, where I've lived for most of my life. I love it here and I hope you enjoy seeing Colorado Springs through my eyes and lens!

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20 January 2021

The Beauty of Colorado in Winter (Part 3)

Of course we Coloradoans love our aspen groves in the fall when their leaves turn gold, but they have an austere, sculptural beauty in winter too.

19 January 2021

The Beauty of Colorado in Winter (Part 2)

How pretty! The area around Rampart Reservoir is Colorado at its finest.

18 January 2021

The Beauty of Colorado in Winter (Part 1)

On New Year's Day we decided it would be fun to explore the area around Rampart Reservoir. It was gorgeous! I'm sure you know that Colorado has more than its share of natural beauty, but this area is especially breathtaking if you ask me. The snow made everything magical. I'll be posting photos from our drive for the rest of the week, mostly without commentary since the next few days are going to be quite busy for me. Enjoy!

17 January 2021

Sunday Style!

This is one of my clients, Stuart. He wanted some stylish portraits in an urban setting, and he dressed in this very sharp suit and some great looking shoes. Doesn't he look fantastic?

16 January 2021

A Festive SUV

Pat and I drove up the pass on New Year's Day just for fun (more on that later), but before we even made it out of town I found something picture-worthy: this bedecked and bedazzled SUV. I had to photograph it through the windshield, so I hope you can make out all the fun details. It's flashy indeed.

15 January 2021


A view of the Wells Fargo Tower with the Alamo building in the foreground. Over a century separates them: the former was completed in 1990 and the latter in 1886. Which one do you prefer?

14 January 2021


A shot of Highway 115 looking northward from the Turkey Creek neighborhood. The large house that I showed you in yesterday's post can be seen in the distance on the far right side of the photo, on the hillside.