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18 December 2018

Crime scene

Today I had to run to Barnes and Noble by the Citadel Mall to pick up a book. As I was driving past the mall, I noticed TV news crews on my right and lots of police cars and yellow crime scene tape to my left. There weren't just a few police cars, there were a lot of police cars. It looked like they were wrapping things up. Indeed, after I got my book I drove back the same way and the crime scene tape was gone, and there were only five police vehicles left. Obviously something bad had happened, so I looked it up when I got home. Sure enough, there had been a shooting. I guess two guys are in the hospital and the shooter got away. Sigh. It's Christmas time, people. Let's be good to each, okay?

17 December 2018

Dove Valley

While I was in Denver on Saturday with my friend Jenn, we randomly ended up in Dove Valley, which is where the Denver Broncos train. I'm not sure that this is the main facility (I think it isn't), but it's clearly part of it. I'm a big fan. It'd be cool to see the inside of this place!

16 December 2018

Sunday Style!

I'm late getting this post up, it's nearly Monday! I have numerous photos to show you from the Christian Dior exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, but since I'm under the gun I'll just show you one for now. Consider this merely a fabulous teaser for next Sunday, because there were many, many beautiful and simply mind-blowing frocks on display and I took a ton of pictures!

15 December 2018

Casa Bonita

Today I had an errand to run in Denver, so I decided to make a day of it with my friend Jennifer. She offered to treat me to lunch or dinner for my birthday (what do you call it when it's too late in the day for lunch but too early for dinner? linner? dunch?) and the restaurant I chose was... Casa Bonita! This request elicited an eye roll from Jenn, but she gamely went along with my wishes. Let me explain. If you've lived anywhere along the Front Range for as long as we have, which is, in the case of Jenn's, Pat's, and my families, the 1970s, you probably have fond memories of Casa Bonita. And it can only be described as kitschy. Casa Bonita is not known for its food. In fact, the food there is sort of a running joke -- eat there at your own risk, etc. I don't think their cuisine deserves such a bad rap, personally. They do serve hundreds of people on a slow day and probably several thousand on a busy day, so it's not like they're going to earn any Michelin stars. It's cheap and cheerful Mexican food. But I digress. Casa Bonita is known for its entertainment. The interior of the restaurant is completely over the top. You may find yourself eating dinner on a terrace overlooking a two story waterfall, you may find yourself eating in a baroque dining room, or you may find yourself eating in a cave. (Really.) If you're lucky enough to get a view of the waterfall and pool, you'll be treated to skits and cliff divers. Kids LOVE it. We all love it. You don't have to have kids to eat there. I personally think it'd be a great place for a first date, because it's so corny. There's never a dull moment at Casa Bonita and it's always a fun time. Even if you do need a little Pepto Bismol afterward.
Here's a video of one of their famous cliff divers. Sopapillas and cliff divers. It just doesn't get any better than this, folks.

14 December 2018


I've never noticed the roofline of 2502 West Colorado before. It's beautiful. I guess it pays to look up from time to time.

13 December 2018


Today was my birthday! Pat treated me to an afternoon at the Denver Art Museum to see the Christian Dior Show. For someone who's as into fashion as I am, it was mind boggling. Even for Pat, who's not into fashion at all, it was mind boggling. I'll post pictures on Sunday so you can see how incredible it was.

Meanwhile, here's a blurry cell phone shot of the Denver Public Library at twilight, as we were leaving the Denver Art Museum. Such a striking edifice.

12 December 2018

Patsy's Candies

Patsy's is a local institution and has been for generations -- it's been around since 1903! They're known for old school treats like saltwater taffy and cotton candy, but they also do gourmet chocolates, toffee, ice cream and even savory snacks like hot dogs to munch on while you're strolling around Manitou. If you've never tried Patsy's, you really should. It's a treat!