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Hi, I'm Tamera, a professional wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer in Colorado Springs. But this blog isn't about my professional work; no, it's a daily love note to my beautiful city, where I've lived for most of my life. I love it here and I hope you enjoy seeing Colorado Springs through my eyes and lens!

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19 February 2019

The Land of the Ice and Snow

One last snap from Saturday's elopement adventure on Section 16. This photo was taken near the bottom of the trail.

18 February 2019

Crazy Runners

I mentioned in Saturday's post how I shot an elopement that required us to hike up a treacherously slippery trail to get to the exact perfect spot for the ceremony. On the way back down, I took these pictures of people running on the same slippery trail. RUNNING. This is a flat stretch, but for the most part Section 16 is at an incline. I think these people are just insane! As I was having an extremely hard time that day keeping my footing even at a very slow, careful pace, I couldn't figure out how the trail wasn't littered with the bodies of all the runners we saw. It wasn't until I got these pictures up on my computer monitor and took a close look at their feet that I noticed they were all wearing chains on their shoes for extra traction. I should have done the same!

17 February 2019

Sunday Style!

Today's subject is my friend and sometimes assistant/second shooter Joy. I had a coffee date with her earlier this week and she looked so nice, I took some pictures of her. Doesn't she look great? She always does!

16 February 2019

Section 16

I found a new hiking trail! Well technically I knew it existed, I just didn't know where. It's off of Gold Camp Road and it's called Section 16. I had some clients today who were eloping, and this was the place they chose. Unfortunately the trail was almost 100% covered in hard packed snow, extremely slippery, and in places it was basically just a sheet of ice. So it was very treacherous going when you're carrying a big camera bag, as my assistant Joy and I were doing. My clients were dressed casually in jeans and a sweater (her) and a flannel (him), with normal footwear -- that is to say, not hiking shoes. And yet somehow they managed to cruise up the trail for over a mile without too much trouble, arm in arm. Meanwhile, Joy and I were wearing knobby hiking shoes (me) and running shoes with good tread (her), and we were slipping and sliding all over! What a struggle! I think it was because our heavy bags were throwing off our centers of balance drastically. After the brief, casual ceremony, on the way back downhill I did end up slipping and falling twice and twisting my knee, so I'm writing this post from a "feel sorry for me" perspective  😉 Joy unfortunately fell down, too. What a trooper she is! It was so slippery! But I'm not complaining, because I love doing elopements, and because now Pat and I have a new trail to hike (in the summer, please!). I grabbed this shot about halfway back down the trail to our cars. I got a few more pictures too, which I'll show you on Monday and Tuesday.

[2/17/2019 edit: Pat pointed out over breakfast that it's called Section 16, not Section 12. D'oh! Correction made, thanks Pat!]

15 February 2019

The Light Side of the Moon

I stopped by Palmer Park today around 2:30, and didn't have to drive far before this photogenic moment presented itself on the west end of the park.

14 February 2019

Another Church

This one's at 411 N. Weber Street and it's called Harvest Downtown. I seem to recall that the previous congregation, not all that long ago, was something to do with Victory Church. This is one of those church buildings that has changed hands quite a lot over the years. I couldn't find any info about it at all, but this part of the city was built up around 1895 to 1900-ish, so I imagine that this church building is right around that age.

13 February 2019


Not a great shot (it's a little out of focus), but I still like this image taken on February 11th from one of my favorite vantage points in the city while my mom waited patiently in the car.