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17 November 2018

Ten Years of Colorado Springs Daily Photo!

My little blog turns ten today! My first post was on November 17, 2008 (if you'd like to see it, click HERE), and though my decision to join the City Daily Photo blogging community was not made lightly, I hardly thought I'd still be doing it a decade down the road! I haven't always been able to post every single day over the years, but I have sure tried. And this little blog has brought me so much joy. I've met interesting people and made lasting friendships -- both virtual and in real life -- and I like to think I've taken some decent pictures. I've also learned so much about my city! I've tirelessly explored the nooks and crannies of Colorado Springs in pursuit of interesting photos and content, and in the process I've become a huge local history nerd. And yes, I realize I'm lucky that as a self-employed person, my work schedule allows me the luxury of being able to do this. I still enjoy blogging about Colorado Springs every day. I have no plans of stopping any time soon! I'd like to add just one more thought before I get to today's pictures: I am ever tickled when I get any kind of confirmation that people actual read this blog. I know you're out there, dear readers, and I appreciate you! Thank you for reading my blog!

It wasn't hard at all to decide on what to post on this special day. It had to be either Pikes Peak or the Garden of the Gods! I went out on Thursday, which was a perfectly beautiful day, to see what I could get. The photo in yesterday's post was the "runner up" -- though it's a pretty picture, I like these two better, because if you look closely, you can see a climber standing at the very top of Cathedral Rock. In fact I think he's taking a selfie. If I were him, I'd take a selfie too!

16 November 2018


I took a solo spin through the Garden of the Gods yesterday. It was such a beautiful day! Pikes Peak looks gorgeous cloaked in snow. Perfection.

15 November 2018

Jury duty denied

I had jury duty last Wednesday, and I was so excited! Alas, nothing came of it, which is what usually happens to me. The last time I had jury duty I made it all the way to the selection process before they jettisoned me. This time they never even called my name. Bummer! Maybe next time, eh? Here's a photo I took as I was leaving the courthouse. I'm sure you recognize the Pioneers Museum across the street.

14 November 2018

Snowy Sunday at the FAC

Lovely snow on Sunday put an exclamation point on last week's chilly weather. Pat and I decided to take a wander around the Fine Arts Center, something we haven't done in a few months. It was worth venturing out into the cold to check out the Virgil Ortiz and Jaune Quick-to-See Smith shows. I highly recommend both of them. Very insightful, imaginative and inspiring art. Here are a couple of photos I took before we went inside. The lawn of the Fine Arts Center was covered in several dozen hand painted yard signs, and  the sculptures were all cloaked in powder.

13 November 2018

Children playing

They're just slightly furrier children than you would expect. 😉

12 November 2018


Here are a couple more pictures I took in the Garden of the Gods last Tuesday. We got snow yesterday, so the landscape looks very different now.

11 November 2018

Sunday Style!

It's not often that I share my professional photos on this blog, but I think this beautiful wedding gown deserves to be seen. It's a family heirloom worn by one of my brides, Diana, in September. It was originally worn in 1943 by Diana's grandmother, Emilia, and it was hand sewn by Emilia's mother (Diana's great grandmother) Carmela. This gown has the most beautiful details, and as an avid sewist myself, I can say that it's perfectly constructed. You can see the love that went into it! It must have taken many months to complete. It has quite a history as an heirloom: Diana's mother, also named Emilia, wore the dress for her wedding in 1985, and Emilia's older sister Diane wore it in 1972. Who knows, maybe one day, Diana's future daughter may wear it at her wedding.
The dress is beautifully hand embroidered and hand beaded.
This photo shows the beautiful seaming on the dress. Also, the many, many buttons are undoubtedly hand-covered. I can't imagine how much work that was, along with making all those tiny button loops. Not only are there buttons going all down the back of the gown, there are buttons from the elbows to the cuffs of each sleeve.
And finally, my clients asked me to recreate this family photo. That's Carmela on the left in 1943, and Diana on the right just a few weeks ago. Beautiful!