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06 February 2023

New Wave

I've never noticed this cute little mural-adorned church in Knob Hill before. It's obviously not new, but it's new to me.

05 February 2023

Sunday Style!

Spotted at the supermarket on a day that never topped 12° F (-11° C). Those leggings were awesome. I wish I'd gotten a better picture of her and her funky street style, because the jacket covers up the rest of her outfit and you can't see her fun purse. She looked so cool.

04 February 2023

Here's Your Proof

The other day I joked that my car washing Theme Day subject was putting me to shame and that I'd have to get my car washed, too. Well here's your proof. Yesterday I ran my car through Carlo Car Wash and now I no longer have to hang my head in shame. At least until the next snow storm, that is.

03 February 2023


I was in the Garden of the Gods on Wednesday for a photo shoot, and to my surprise a herd of bighorn sheep were out and about! I don't think I've been lucky enough to spot any bighorn in the park before, so this was kind of exciting. I managed to get a few shots of them lolling about. I was sort of hoping they'd start butting heads as they famously do, but alas, they more or less just stood around or napped. Still, it was pretty cool to see them even if they weren't doing much of anything.

02 February 2023

It's Not Unusual

Does this ever happen in your city? You see this kind of thing all the time around here, because there's a huge Army base on the south end of town. In this case, there were several flatbed train cars transporting a seemingly endless supply of these armored vehicles (whatever they're called). It's also not unusual to see things of this sort being trucked by the dozens down the interstate.

And now, for your listening pleasure...

01 February 2023

February 2023 Theme Day: Virtue

The first of every month is Theme Day for City Daily Photo bloggers! This month's theme is virtue. According to Ben Franklin, cleanliness is a virtue, so I thought I'd run by the car wash on Uintah and 17th to see if I could catch anyone in the act of being virtuous. Sure enough I found this guy, who was doing his best to make my car look bad. I guess I'll be virtuous myself tomorrow and get my car washed.

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31 January 2023


Here's the picture I had originally intended to take when I ended up with the image of the VW bus in Saturday's post. The mountain had been just barely visible, but disappeared while I was busy snapping the bus picture. Funny how it can just be swallowed up when we get weather. Almost like magic, really.