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03 April 2009

Follow the Setting Sun

Here is a slightly better angle on yesterday's image. The metal sculpture, "Follow the Setting Sun" by Harriett Lee, sits in front of the Pioneers Museum on the east (Nevada Avenue) side. This piece has been there since 2005 and I don't remember any kind of controversy or brouhaha surrounding its installation, which surprises me because it's so modern in contrast to the Belle Epoque structure behind it. The juxtaposition reminds me a little of the I.M. Pei pyramid that sits in the courtyard of the Louvre in Paris. (And we all remember how controversial that was!)

My mom, two of her sisters and I visited the Pioneers Museum yesterday in order to spend a little family time together. I had been interested in checking out the Pikes Peak or Bust exhibit there for a while now. But I am such a slow museum browser that I never made it into that gallery before we left! I'll have to go back there with Pat. I am fascinated by Colorado Springs history, so this is right up my alley.

I'll post a few more pics of the museum in the coming days.


B Squared said...

Very interesting contrast in styles.

Heather said...

We should 'museum' together. Everybody always complains that I take too long! Especially art museums, I have to see everything from all angles. I mean, if the art is 3-D, what's the point of only viewing it from one angle? I would have been laying on the ground to enjoy it, even if I was with my mother and aunties! haha

Once I got kicked out of an art museum because I climbed into a sculpture ... but in my defense, it was a study of scale, like Alice in Wonderland! I'm pretty sure that's what the artist had in mind, and like to think he/she would have been proud that I crossed the oh-so-serious velvet ropes. haha

Russ said...

Nice perspective in the shot. As an aside, I love to ride the old timey elevator inside.

Tamera said...

Russ -- how funny you should mention the elevator! If you come back and read tomorrow's post there will be a mention of it. Tamera