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31 May 2009

Our newest neighbors

Mr. & Mrs. Robin moved in a few short weeks ago and quickly built themselves a nice little home on top of the greenhouse window facing our backyard. It wasn't long before Mrs. Robin began spending her days sitting quietly in their nest, but I couldn't see how many eggs she was incubating.

Just a couple of days ago I finally got a peek at the Robin brood. I counted four babies! Four BIG babies -- it looks like they're almost ready to fly the coop. That'll be a great day, because then I'll feel okay to go into the backyard again and not worry that I'm disturbing our newest neighbors.


Lois said...

How wonderful that you have them right there in your backyard!

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! I like how Mr. and Mrs. Robin added a bit of flair to their nest.

Lisa Wilson said...

Wow!! That mama is going to be busy feeding all of those mouths!