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05 July 2009

Famous Colorado Springs residents: Nikola Tesla

I decided it would fun to devote a few blog posts to famous people who are from Colorado Springs or have lived here. I'll start with Mr. Nikola Tesla, the celebrated scientist, inventor and oddball. He lived in Colorado Springs from 1899 to 1900 -- admittedly a short lived residence here, but during that brief period of time he conducted some of his most important experiments.

His laboratory in Colorado Springs was located just a few blocks from where I live. I wish I had the actual address, but I know it's on Foote and Pikes Peak (or Foote and Kiowa, by other accounts), which is walking distance from here. How cool is that?!? Tesla famously blew out the city's power grid, which I'm sure wasn't very sophisticated at the time, while conducting one of his "mad scientist" experiments. I love it.

We used to have a small Tesla museum here, but it's long gone. We do, however, have a street named after him, which is a small tribute to such a great scientist.

To learn more about Nikola Tesla, here are some links:

And on a more personal note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Planet Janet! Love you!


Lois said...

I watched a TV show about him not too long ago. Fascinating guy!

NIC1138 said...

I'm a huge Tesla fan, and there is a slight chance I might visit Colorado Springs in the near future. I am a bit disappointed to find out that there not a single plaque where he lived in the city... :/

Cardiac said...

There is a small plaque near the military memorial in Memorial Park. It's located along side Pikes Peak Rd.