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27 June 2012

Colorado Springs is in flames

If you've been following the national news (and this blog), you're probably aware of the huge fire that has been threatening Colorado Springs since Saturday.  I'm sorry to say that on Tuesday, thanks to 65MPH winds, it crossed over the ridge and is now burning homes in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood.  Rockrimmon is perilously closeby, and the Air Force Academy is also in great peril.

Pat and I had planned a trip to Atchison, Kansas to see Amelia Earhart's birthplace, then to Tulsa, Oklahoma just for fun.  I am typing this from our hotel room in Atchison and anxiously watching the live news feed online from one of the TV stations in Colorado Springs.  We left the Springs a little after noon and all seemed relatively fine for Colorado Springs -- the fire had continued to creep northward but parallel to the city.  But when we checked our smart phones around 5:30, all our friends had been posting horrifying pictures on Facebook, the Air Force Academy was evacuating, and homes were burning.  The above photo was not taken by me (since I'm in Kansas and for that matter I would never have the occasion to be that close to the fire); I'm linking to it from the Twitter feed #waldocanyonfire.  (NOTE: I have since learned it was taken by a Denver Post photog.)

Pat and I have decided to cut short our trip and return home.  We cannot bear to be away from our beautiful city when it is in such crisis.  So many of our friends have been affected by this, among the many, many thousands that have been evacuated -- over 32,000 people.  The neighborhood where  Pat grew up is in extreme peril, and I fear that some of my close friends who live in the neighborhood pictured above have now lost their homes. Below, a couple more pictures (not taken by me) that friends have posted to Facebook. For more pictures see the Gazette's website at http://www.gazette.com/sections/slideshow/?id=14914887 

This is the Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel.

The Mountain Shadows neighborhood. I have many, many friends and clients who live here.

These last two shots look like they were taken from farther east in the city.


Clytie said...

I've seen a few pictures on the news here ... nothing like these. It is reported that the fire had come into the City, but that was all.

This brings the horror up close and personal. I too know several people who used to live in this neighborhood (although that was over 10 years ago), and my heart dropped into my stomach when I saw those houses in flames.

I too have spent time at the Air Force Academy; even went to a couple football games there.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people who are in peril; those who have lost everything; and those who still might ... I don't blame you for cutting short your trip to return to this beautiful city.

Please keep us informed as to the situation there. Your blog does a much better job than our local news!!!

Valladolid Daily Photo said...

The photos are dramatic, I hope you and yours are all well.

Lowell said...

We are so sorry to see these photos. The Springs is such a beautiful city. Our daughter lives high up the mountain in Cotopaxi and says they had one small fire that was quickly put out but otherwise no problem as yet.

The devastation must be almost unbearable for those who have lost their homes.

Hopefully, the winds will let up and the rains will come soon.

Best wishes!

Tamera said...

Thank you for your thoughts, everyone. My heart is breaking :^(

Jacqi Stevens said...

Horrifying views of what is happening. Like you, Tamera, we are traveling, but just got a chance to go online and realize the danger to family and friends there.

Randy said...

This just makes me so sad. I wake up every morning hoping that all of our prayers for rain have been answered. Please stay safe.