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12 June 2012

Waterboarding for Jesus?

I saw this guy making a statement on Uintah and Nevada last Friday while I was coming home from a wedding rehearsal. I was very puzzled by his message and costume. Okay, he's dressed like a Catholic cardinal, holding up a sign during rush hour traffic that says, "Waterboard for Jesus, support our troops." Huh? I couldn't figure out if he was pro-waterboarding or anti-waterboarding. But, this being Colorado Springs where we have our share of very right wing extremists, I've concluded that he must be pro-waterboarding, even though it's classified as torture. Hmmmm, I'm pretty sure that Jesus probably wouldn't appreciate anyone being tortured on his behalf. What would Jesus do? Jesus was a pacifist. He sure as heck wouldn't waterboard anyone!


Clytie said...

I'm confused as well as to his message ... You're right about the WWJD part though ... He definitely would NOT condone waterboarding!!!

Randy said...

It's amazing how the weak will hide behind religion.

Tamera said...

People are strange!

Anonymous said...

He is using sarcasm. Our Christian nation warerboards, tortures and murders innocent people. The only thing the media says is "support our troops". Anyone with a hint in foreign policy knows the military is used for corporate profits and all wars are based off lies.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI. I saw this guy protesting at Union and Austin Bluffs, right in front of a big Romney sign. And, because I'm crazy, I stopped and talked to him, while cars swerved out of the way of my brake lights.
He told me "This is how Mike Huckabee sounds to me. I'm a Christian, and I'm embarrassed of these guys."
I said "I love it, man. Do what you gotta do," gave him a big thumbs up, and drove away.
I risked my life to bring you the scoop. You're welcome.