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11 August 2012

The Hill Climb is on!

You may remember me mentioning in an earlier post how the Pikes Peak Hill Climb had been canceled because of the Waldo Canyon fire. This was absolutely devastating for Manitou Springs, who relies heavily on tourism and the Hill Climb every year for revenue. Well I'm happy to say that it's been rescheduled for this Sunday! Last night they held the usual Hill Climb "fanfest" party downtown, where some of the race cars were on display for everyone to drool over. You might have even gotten lucky and met one of the drivers! There were a ton of cool cars, not to mention the chili cookoff, which was emitting mouth watering aromas into the air. Thousands of people showed up to enjoy the fun, have some chili and see some cool cars. It was a great big street party!

Ah yes, a "monster truck". This is so not my thing. But it was fun to see one up close! Check out the lady sitting in the rear tire. That's a BIG truck!

Firefighters were out and about, "passing the boot" for donations. This time they were collecting for MS.  For once I had some cash on me, so I put some of it in the boot and was rewarded with this big smile.

The chili cookoff was in full swing -- it smelled so good out there!

High flying motorcycle stunts over Tejon Street. Daredevil!

What a cool looking car.

I used to have a BMW just like this one (minus all the racing logos and paraphernalia and that giant front spoiler). Mine had a little spoiler on the rear, otherwise it was identical to this one. It was a great car! I sold it a few years ago to my friend Stephani, who's taking good care of it :^)


Randy said...

Looks like a great community event.

Lois said...

You got some great pictures Tamera! My grandson would love that monster truck.