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04 August 2013

Walk, don't run

Our crosswalks downtown have a warning that flashes, counting down how many seconds you have to cross the street before the light turns red. Does your city have the same thing?


Clytie said...

I've noticed this trend too. I think every time they replace an old crosswalk signal, or install a new one, they have this countdown thing.

P.S. - I kind of like that statue - is it an eagle? Or maybe the letter "G"?

LOLfromPasa said...

We don't. Wish we did :). Great concept.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Yes, in most of the downtown areas. I have been places where there were "beeps" for the sight-impaired to gauge the time for crossing.


Barbara Farr said...

Yes, we have them. Good for the pedestrians, but as a driver for some reason they drive me nuts!?

Randy said...

Interesting sculpture.

MJ said...

I find it interesting that Colorado Springs alerts you to the security cameras. They have them around here as well, but Milwaukee is not quite as polite!