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04 January 2014

Marijuana shops now legal in Colorado

Good news for Coloradoans who enjoy smoking pot for recreational purposes: you can now walk into a shop and buy the stuff legally. Technically, pot smoking has been legal here since December 2012, but as of January 1, 2013, we now have legal pot shops. Over a hundred of them opened in Colorado on New Years Day -- none of them in Colorado Springs, however, because our city council rejected the idea of recreational pot sales here. (There are a TON of medicinal marijuana clinics though. You can't swing a dead cat in Colorado Springs without hitting one. They're everywhere.)

Personally, I'm fine with it. My opinion is that, as with alcohol, a person should self-regulate their usage of the stuff. Sure, it can become a problem, but so can alcohol, and alcohol is legal. To me it was just a waste of time, energy and resources to continue to criminalize marijuana. 

Having said that, I found it ironic that the flyer below was posted mere inches from the newspaper headline I posted above. Perhaps the person who wrote this should, uh, lay off the smoke just a bit ;^)


Stefan Jansson said...

We all know that potheads are very clever people.

Randy said...

Like Gay Marriage I think it will become legal in more states soon. Grant the Pot will probably surpass Gay Marrige. We even have a legislature who is already pushing to get it legal here.

Tamera said...

Yeah I can see it following in other states soon enough. It just seems like everything is already heading in that direction.

Kris said...

hey, at least now you can collect tax from the sell of it :p

Kris said...

oops not "you" but the local govt.