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09 January 2014

Uncovering a bit of history?

This is the building next door to Independent Records on Bijou Street downtown. It has been unoccupied for quite a while, although it seems that at any given time there has been some sort of big plan for the space -- but none of the plans ever seem to get put into motion. So it has sat, empty and blank, for a few years. That's why I was surprised to see that there is obviously work being done to it now. The modern facade has been removed, which has revealed something rather interesting:  apparently a company called Colburn Auto Tours was once located in this building. Some internet researching has not given me any info on it at all, save for the tantalizing fact that there once was an automobile manufacturer in Denver called the Colburn Automobile Company. Were the two businesses related? Also, there is apparently a book or pamphlet, written around 1940, called Cool Colorado Springs, and it is attributed to Colburn Motor Tours. This is just enough information to be utterly maddening for me! I wish I knew more! I may have to ring up the Pioneers Museum and ask if they have any information on this, because it's "driving" me crazy. Pun intended! ;^) 


Gerald (SK14) said...

so great to uncover these things - hope you manage to find out more about it

Massimo said...

hallo Tamera,
thanks for visiting the Italian View ! and happy New year to you.
ciao Colorado, and all the best !!

Clytie said...

I agree - how maddening to not be able to find out where this sign came from! Someone out there must know the answer!!!

I hope whoever takes over this building will consider preserving this wonderful and whimsical bit of history!

Please let us know if you learn anything about Colburn Motor Tours.

William Kendall said...

With that much to bait you, you'll have to find out!

Randy said...

We have buildings like that here. I've tried to find info one them and no one knows much.

Bob said...

To the best of my knowledge, Colburn Motor Tours and the Colburn Automobile Company are not related. The automobiles were produced from 1906 to 1911 by my grandfather, Herbert C. Colburn. The factory and showroom were located at 15th and Colfax in Denver. A few years after production ceased, my grandparents and my mother relocated to the Los Angeles area.

Tamera said...

Bob -- wow, thanks for weighing in! Part of the mystery is now solved, readers! :^)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tamera- I am the owner of this building and have worked diligently to preserve the historical value of the building both inside and out. Found out a LOT of history on this from 1922 onward and would love to share this cool story. Too much to right on this blog though. Call me or stop in anytime for a tour!

Dale Pelletier
President & CEO
Woodland Workwear

Tamera said...

This is so cool! You bet I'll be coming in to chat with you, Dale! I would love to do a follow up post. Thanks for writing! Tamera