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27 March 2014

A murder of crows

Did you know that a flock of crows is officially referred to as a murder? On Tuesday I heard an incredible racket going on in our backyard; I went to the window to find that a murder of crows had descended upon one of our large trees, and every single one of them was screeching at full volume, creating a truly unholy din. It sounded like a crowd of rabid, angry monkeys. I grabbed my camera and snapped off a few frames. Later in the day, when I got home from my studio, I could still hear them out there, squawking up a storm. It must be mating season.


William Kendall said...

The first time I heard them referred to as a murder, I thought, "you have got to be joking."

Randy said...

I have murders outside of my window every morning. They love my neighbors Pine tree.

Linda said...

Good term, quite fitting!