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31 March 2014

It's César Chávez Day!

Yesterday Pat and I went for a leisurely late breakfast on the west side, then drove around looking for triangular subjects for the upcoming City Daily Photo theme day (tomorrow, and the theme will be, yes, triangles). I decided that the large pyramidical sculpture in front of the Pioneers Museum would be a good candidate, and as we approached, we noticed a large crowd of people congregating next to the building. At first we thought it was a religious gathering that was somehow related to Easter, but upon questioning one of the participants (the people pictured above, actually) we learned that it was an organized march in honor of César Chávez, whose birthday is today. I was so happy to have such a great photo opportunity drop into my lap! Unfortunately I didn't have a very good camera with me (and an even worse lens), but I had fun for a few minutes photographing the goings-on.

If you don't know who César Chávez is, I'll put it briefly: he was a peaceful advocate for workers' rights. This explanation is woefully inadequate and does little to honor the scope of his achievements -- the man was a hero! Please read more about him HERE, if you have a little time on your hands.

Enjoy the pictures! Have a happy César Chávez Day!

Dancers in traditional Mexican dress brightened up the event.

Aztec dancers led the way.

I have to agree with this woman's sign. I only know the most basic facts about César Chávez, and that's criminal. I received no education about him in my schooling (not that I can remember, anyway). I can't say that we had much, if any, in the way of ethnic curricula at the schools I attended.

This woman was doing a good job of rallying the crowd and getting everyone amped up to march.


William Kendall said...

Ah, so that's who he was. The name sounded familiar.

Excellent crowd shots, Tamera...and quite colourful traditional attire.

Tamera said...

Thanks William!

Randy said...

Looks like it was a nice event.

Linda said...

Love the colorful costumes!

Sally G. said...

I was there and would like to thank members of city council for being there.....oh, sorry there wasn't a single one present..well at least the
mayors office..oh wait, there was'
nt anyone from that office present. Nor were the police to assist with
traffic. However I do want to thank the city goverment for proving it is
truly a black and white city.

JL Leal said...

excellent serie!