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28 September 2014

The Little Market

This little building on the corner of Willamette and Prospect, in the heart of Shooks Run, has been quite controversial these last few months. The Little Market, a small, family-owned neighborhood grocery store, closed its doors last December. There has been a grocery store in place here since 1902 (though under varying proprietorship over the years), so when the decision was made to close it, many people were understandably saddened by the news. As the building became available, my friends Mike and Noel announced plans to open a restaurant/bar there, but they were met with strong opposition by the immediate neighbors. I personally support their venture -- but I can see why people who live in the vicinity would be concerned. Still, look how charming it is! Can you see a little bistro in there? I sure can! As far as I know, Mike and Noel's plan is stalled (or possibly on the back burner forever), and nothing has changed with the Little Market's old building. As I took this picture last week, however, I noticed two men standing across the street, chatting and gesturing toward it as if they were discussing an important deal. Hmmm. I wonder what may be coming!


Stefan Jansson said...

Why did you blur her face?

Tamera said...

I blurred it because I didn't intend to have her in the shot (but my other shot of the building was blurry), and it wasn't a very flattering picture of her. I figure she'd probably thank me! LOL

William Kendall said...

It looks like a building with potential!

Randy said...

Cute market.