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20 November 2014

Little red house on the prairie

Okay maybe it's not little, but it's certainly red -- and I love it! Want to know why? Because the farther east you go in Colorado Springs, the blander the house colors get. There are enormous swaths of beige homes marching across the prairie. Thousands upon thousands of them, for miles and miles, all in varying shades of brown, tan and beige. Every now and then you'll see a timid shade of utterly characterless green, or maybe grey. With apologies to the wonderful people who live in these neighborhoods, I find it all incredibly stifling and depressing. (I also find it confusing as hell -- I can't tell one street from another, let alone one house from another.) Developers have run completely amok in this city over the last couple of decades, and I guess I've accepted that, but why oh why must Every Single House be beige?  What is their problem with variety? Yesterday I had an errand that took me to the far, far east side of the city. In fact, technically I was in Peyton, not Colorado Springs, that's how far east I was. And as usual, I was confounded and disoriented by all of the beige-ness, so much so that I made a wrong turn on the way home, a mistake that led me to this FABULOUS red house among all the beige. I was so excited that I turned my car around and stopped for a picture. It's RED, crazy beautiful red, and I certainly applaud this homeowner for daring to be different in an ocean of sameness!

If you don't believe me about the profusion of beige homes on the east side of town, take a look at the pictures below, also taken yesterday. Sigh. To the owner of the red house, I salute you!


Stefan Jansson said...

Red it is. We paint with Falu red in Sweden.


Tamera said...

I love how in Europe, no one is afraid of color. The houses are all so bright and cheery!

Randy said...

You sure can't miss that red one!

William Kendall said...

I would think the same sort of thing about suburbs that have been built here in the last thirty years: the same five designs over and over and over, like soldiers on parade.

Linton Robinson said...

In Mexico they INVENT new colors to blast out houses. I couldn't believe it when people started building outside the bluffs, figured they were out of their minds.

Tamera said...

Linton, I agree! In Mexico (or anywhere south of the border), it's not unusual to see shocking pink or canary yellow houses. Anything goes. I love that.