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21 April 2015

Drive Time Now

Yesterday afternoon I was driving down Weber Street when I came across these protesters in front of KRCC, the radio station of the Colorado College. When I stopped to take a picture they explained their cause to me: they are advocating on behalf of Democracy Now, a popular nationwide daily syndicated radio program. KRCC is public radio, supported by donations. It's where you get your local daily dose of NPR, All Things Considered, A Prairie Home Companion, Car Talk, and so on. Apparently the station is considering dropping Democracy Now from its programming. Currently it airs at 7:00pm. In effect, in a world with 24 hour news, airing it at 7:00pm is airing it half a day too late according to these protesters, Eric, Codie the dog, and Nazli, representing Occupy Colorado Springs. They are demanding that Democracy Now be aired at 7:00am, morning "drive time", giving it a much larger local audience. The logic follows that the program won't be cancelled if it has a chance to reach more pairs of ears. [And completely aside from all of that, Eric is someone I've known for years -- it was so funny to run into him like this, though not unusual to find him agitating!]

Amy Goodman, one of the two journalists behind Democracy Now, will be speaking at the Colorado College on Thursday, April 23rd, about the importance of social movements. I think that this little group of protesters, advocating on her behalf, proves her point quite handily! For more information on her upcoming appearance, click HERE.


William Kendall said...

Hopefully it works.

Randy said...

Love her hat! Good for them.