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06 May 2015

The Briargate Mustangs

Briargate is a large neighborhood in the northeast part of Colorado Springs. It's very suburban and densely populated. There is a popular shopping center called the Shops at Briargate right off the interstate, and this large sculpture of a group of wild mustangs sits just to the east of it. To tell you the truth, I've never liked this sculpture because, for one thing, the horses all look gaunt and hungry! I've been meaning for years now to photograph it for the blog, but I just never made the effort since I disliked it so strongly. Finally, last week I happened to be in that part of town with a camera and a few minutes of spare time, so I stopped and snapped some pictures. Up close, it's a lot more interesting than I realized. I can see that a ton of work went into it and it definitely bears the stamps of the artist's style (that would be T.D. Kelsey, according to the informational plaque). So I guess I like this sculpture a little bit more, now that I've had a chance to see it from all angles and take a few pictures.


from Madrid said...

I never have seen anything like it.Of course, these statues are very original.


William Kendall said...

There is a gauntness to them, but also a sense of strength.

Linda said...

Gaunt yes, but still beautiful!

Randy said...

That is so beautiful.

Miss G said...

So interesting! As we have family in the northern part of Colorado Springs I have passed by the collection of statues often and have rather had an affinity for them I think because they reminded me of the Mustangs of Los Colinas: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/mustangs-of-las-colinas-jeffrey-k-clarke.html
in my opinion a simply spectacularly done piece of public art where I moved from. Kelly

Tamera said...

You're right, Kelly, very similar!