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23 July 2015

Breakfast for the ladybugs

On Tuesday afternoon I was checking out my vegetable garden when I noticed that aphids had infested my dill plants. For some reason, aphids really like dill. But do you know who really likes aphids? Ladybugs! If you don't want to use chemicals on your garden to get rid of aphids, just go down to your friendly neighborhood garden center and buy some ladybugs! (Note: big box stores like Home Depot don't carry such things. Yes, you'll have to shop the little guy. I got mine at Rick's Garden Center.) The ladybugs will come in a little mesh bag, or perhaps a plastic container. The first thing you should do is put them into the refrigerator, which will make them lethargic. When night falls, put the container at the base of the plants that are plagued by aphids, and open it up well enough for the ladybugs to find their way out.

I took these pictures yesterday morning around 10:00AM. As you can see, the ladybugs were hard at work munching on the aphids. In fact, hardly an aphid was left to be munched upon! Thanks, ladybugs! Problem solved!


Miss G said...

and they are beautiful too!

Do you grow pumpkins? This is my first year to do so and I have TONS of flowers but no pumpkins yet. :( Kelly

William Kendall said...

They're so colourful too!

Tamera said...

Kelly, I am trying for pumpkins this year too, and I have the same problem! How funny! I planted late (June 1st) but I thought I'd at least have one good pumpkin forming by now. Nope. Lots of pumpkin flowers though :^/ Oh well!

Randy said...

Great shots. I love ladybugs.