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26 December 2015

The Dickey House

I have been watching this beautiful old Victorian mansion on Uintah and Cascade undergo an extensive facelift over the last year or so. It's gotten a new roof and landscaping, and it looks like the green paint is getting a touch up now. I assume that the crane parked in the yard must have something to do with the painting process. What an enormous undertaking this project has been for the owner. I'm guessing the interior of the house is getting a complete re-do as well. For a long time it was divided up into apartments (actually, one of my friends lived there when I was in college), but I think it's gone back to being a single family home again.

I've always been curious about this mansion, so in writing this post I decided to do a little sleuthing and
 found out that it's called the Dickey House. It was built around 1898 by Mary S. Dickey, widow of the Reverend Clement Cresson Dickey, and it's over 8,100 square feet! Here's a picture of it when it was newly built:

You can see that an extensive addition was added to the west side of the home at some point, as the original building is much smaller than what stands today. Oh and by the way this lovely home is currently valued at close to a million dollars! What a gorgeous old mansion. 
I'd love to see the inside some day! (And if you're interested, HERE is a picture I took of it in 2010. Oh and yes, that's a guy wearing shorts and going for a run on a freezing day. Typical diehard Coloradoan!)

EDIT:  My trusty sources tell me that the current owner and his family do live in the home, but the property still has a few apartments as well. This makes good sense to me, since the place is so huge!

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William Kendall said...

Quite an impressive place!