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28 March 2016

Fire in the alley

Fire in the alley -- it sounds so dramatic! It was really nothing. Yesterday morning I was the the Modbo and SPQR, two art galleries (actually sister galleries) in an alley downtown. I was there to drop off some art that I'll be showing next month along with a few other artists. Most of us had already arrived with our work and were waiting for the door to be unlocked. There was a fire smoldering right next to one of the buildings, up against the wall. Thankfully the buildings are both made of brick. It wasn't much of a fire, as you can see from the photo below. In fact, when the firefighters arrived, all they did was throw some snow on it and make sure that it was out.

I'm certain the fire was set by a homeless person, trying to keep warm. As I watched the firefighters toss snow on the embers, I noticed a thin, ragged little man a few paces away, underneath a stairwell, watching us guardedly. I have a feeling he was the culprit. My heart really went out to him. He looked so, soooo down and out. Like he had given up years ago. He was like a ghost of a human. It was very sad to see him. If he's been sleeping in this alley, that's a terrible thing. We've had such snow and cold the last week. I hope he gets some help and a warm bed soon.

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William Kendall said...

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