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05 November 2016

Ghost coyote

Last month Pat and I took an afternoon to explore Sunnyside Cemetery in tiny Victor, an old gold mining town about 45 minutes west of Colorado Springs. I'll post my images of the cemetery next week, but for today I wanted to show you this coyote that we came across at twilight, as we were leaving. He was standing casually in the middle of the road. Clearly he had little fear of humans, but then again there aren't a lot of humans in Victor! With only about 400 residents, it's nearly a ghost town. As we slowly drove toward him, he trotted into someone's yard, where I managed to get these pictures from the comfort of the passenger seat. It's the closest I've ever come to a coyote. Usually they're so timid, but not this guy. Maybe it wasn't so much a lack of timidity as it was the luxury of knowing that he wasn't too likely to bump into any humans, even in the middle of the road. He did run off when we paused to look at him and take these pictures. He disappeared right before our eyes, like a ghost.


Anonymous said...

This may be my favorite ever blog entry of yours! What beautiful shots of an often denigrated animal! KT

William Kendall said...

The fact that he headed off is a good thing. What a beautiful animal!

bill burke said...

A very beautiful animal and you were lucky to photograph him. Such a lovely image!

Linda said...

Great shots! Thanks for sharing.

E3 Power said...

What fantastic images, they are so clear and close I feel like I am near the this beautiful animal myself.