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14 February 2017

O'Brien Printing

I've always loved this cool old sign and have wanted to photograph it for years, but since the property owner by all accounts appears to be slightly crazy and armed, I always opted for personal safety instead! That is until yesterday, when Pat was behind the wheel as we happened to be driving past it. Since there was no traffic, I asked him to slow down so I could grab a picture.

The sign is located on 19th Street just north of the Uintah Gardens Shopping Center. The property is a huge mess, with waist high weeds and debris everywhere and a decrepit, abandoned building or two. The property owner, Glenn O'Brien, has taken advantage of lax city codes to let this parcel and others on the west side go ruin, much to the dismay of the neighbors. It's been like this for decades and nothing has been done. It's too bad. I think he should sell off all his properties. There's no use in keeping them if they're nothing but urban blight. In this hot market, he could make a killing and go retire in the Caribbean. I don't understand why he insists on the dismal, depressing and un-neighborly status quo.

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William Kendall said...

I imagine, someday when he shuffles off his mortal coil, a few people will feel relieved.