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26 July 2017

The Mile High Nationals (Part 3)

Well hello! Technically I missed Wednesday's blog post -- it's after 2:00am on Thursday. But I'm wide awake because we've just come back from seeing Echo and the Bunnymen/The Violent Femmes at the Fillmore in Denver and I am still pumped up! (GREAT show!)

Anyway, when I set up pictures for the blog, they are simply titled with the date of publication, and since I don't want to/am too lazy to go back through and rename all these photos with today's date, I will backdate this post to yesterday instead. (I'm just OCD enough to be bothered if the titles of the photos don't match the date of publication -- they have to match!)

Today's pictures are of a couple of the final races at the Mile High Nationals at Bandimere Speedway on Sunday. As you can see, there were some hot cars and motorcycles duking it out! I would like to point out here that the track is a quarter mile long and some of these vehicles were going 320 miles per hour by the time they hit the finish line. THREE HUNDRED TWENTY miles per hour in a quarter mile. Imagine driving that fast!

Enjoy the pictures! I have a few more to share with you tomorrow (errrrr, today), so stand by for those!
Troy Grant won the race featured in yesterday's blog post. He looks pretty stoked!
Another winner, being interviewd on camera by the Mopar radio personality.
The VIP section waving at us poor saps sweating down in the stands.
These motorcycles were moving so quickly (only a few yards from the starting line, mind you), that even with my shutter speed set to 1/1250 of a second they are still slightly blurred in this photo.
These guys flew by so quickly, I barely caught them!
So much nitrous and burning rubber emanated from this dragster in the final race of the event, my eyes were still watering the next day! And you wouldn't believe how loud the engines are. What awesome machines!


Stefan Jansson said...

Great series of photos here and two great band at that show so I can understand that you are still pumped up.

William Kendall said...

Serious speed! I've never seen motorbikes like that.