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15 February 2009

Flowers and candy

Yesterday was Valentines Day and my boyfriend Pat came through with a dozen red roses as he does every year, and a big box of chocolates! I think Valentines Day is the source of a lot of agony for many people. Not just the singletons among us (many of my friends included -- I hear a lot from them every year about how much they hate V-Day, depending on their relationship status at the time), but also those of us that are married or in relationships. There's a lot of pressure as to what to get your sweetheart for V-Day, and if you should go out for dinner, and if so then where. All of that. I think you should just enjoy the love and attention, and reciprocate! No need to get all in a twist about it.

I have heard many women say they despise getting flowers and chocolate for Valentines Day because it's what everybody gets. They feel it lacks originality. I imagine it's that kind of attitude that gets guys all in a twist per above. If your wife or girlfriend is bound to reject your offering of flowers and chocolate, then what are you going to do? Every year you've got to come up with something different, and every year it must be better than what you did the year before! This would get stressful after a while, I would think.

I say that any show of love and affection, no matter how big or small, is welcome. If your significant other offers you flowers and chocolate with love, the proper response is thank you, hopefully followed by I love you too!


Vogon Poet said...

Beautiful post (and photo)...

Lois said...

The roses are lovely Tamera! I spent the day with my grandkids. Since V-day used to be my wedding anniversary and now I'm divorced, I try to ignore it!

San Diego Farmgirl said...

Here here! Well said, VDay does stress men out. And besides, everybody should smile and say thank you when they receive a gift, right?

Love the photo, you're definitely in the right biz!