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26 February 2009

Veterans' Memorial

Memorial Park is situated just a few blocks west of my house. It's a great park, and it's pretty much well known to everyone here. Even the people who live in the furthest reaches of the city's parameter, who are afraid to drive downtown (this weird phenomenon because there are exactly two one-way streets downtown, oh no), can still locate Memorial Park. It's huge, there's a lake in the middle of it, an internationally reknowned velodrome (which I guess is a pretty big deal for those into velo racing), a rather awesome skate park that just opened, an ice skating center, tennis courts, and a couple of impressive memorials.

The one above is called the Veterans' Memorial. I've always liked it. Because it looks cool I've used it a few times as a location for fashion photography, but I do recognize its purpose and the gravity of its message. Dedicated in 1968, it honors all five branches of the military and all modern wars.

I think it looks fantastic when we have a beautiful, clear and sunny day, like yesterday.


Bergson said...

simple and graphic

Juergen Kuehn said...

Pillars like Asien temple pillars rise up to the clear blue sky.
Great shot!

Lois said...

The blue in that sky is just stunning! Have you ever considered doing a SkyWatch Friday photo? I posted my first one today.

San Diego Farmgirl said...

While I do sincerely respect the sentiment behind war memorials, I can't help but wonder: why must so many of them be phallic shaped?

tee hee! :o)