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04 March 2009

Facial recognition

I captured this image in an antique shop window on the west side a couple of weeks ago. As a professional photographer I have lots of snazzy cameras, but you'd be suprised to hear that almost all of the photos I post here on this blog are taken with a pocket Canon point and shoot. This particular little camera was purchased about two years ago on the cheap. I remember I got a really good deal because the new generation of cameras had come in, and they were trying to get rid of all the "old" ones.

I find it to be a very useful little camera. It fits in my purse and it's got a pretty sharp lens. It also has this technology called "facial recognition" -- the camera can sense when it's pointed at a face, and will pinpoint the face(s) in the image for priority in focusing. When you look at the screen on the back of the camera, you can see where the it has put boxes around all the faces. I thought it was funny when it "recognized" Chewbacca and Darth Sidious as I took this picture.


Hilda said...

Heehee! That's a funny story. Love the colorful display stands too!

And I adore my itsy-bitsy Canon! Honestly, it's so feature-rich, I can't even call it a point-and-shoot.

B Squared said...

I think the same of my "little" Canon.

Lois said...

Great photo! I like the reflection in the glass of the sky and you taking the picture!

Saretta said...

I think I have the same kind of camera you used here!

Amanda said...

Do please tell me where this antique store is ... I think I need to check out those pez dispensers! My son collects them and is obsessed with star wars! Thanks in advance for your help :)

Tamera said...

Amanda, the store is on about 27th and Colorado in Old Colorado City. It's on the south side of the street. Hope that helps! Tamera