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22 March 2009

Mystic Meadows

If you drive southward on Nevada Avenue far enough, its name changes to Highway 115. Once you've gone past Fort Carson you're pretty much in the boonies, an area called Turkey Creek. It's a really pretty drive. I think there are probably quite a few Colorado Springs residents who don't even realize what's there: a lot of open space and a park/nature reserve, and just gorgeous terrain in general. If you continue on Highway 115 you'll eventually end up in a little town called Penrose, but that's a subject for another post.

There's a place on Highway 115 called Mystic Meadows. Basically it's a venue for events such as weddings or other large gatherings. It's situated on a pretty parcel of land that includes a pond; there's also a lodge-y sort of building and a gazebo. I've shot a couple of weddings there over the last few years. If I reach back far enough in my memory, I recall that it used to be a steakhouse some time ago, then I think it sat empty for a while before the current owners bought it and turned it into an events center. My favorite part of Mystic Meadows is the marquee with the bucking bronco atop it. I'm sure that the marquee at one time beckoned you to come on in and enjoy a nice juicy steak, but now it generally reads "Congratulations Justin and Jennifer!" (or whoever's getting married there this weekend).

I love the horse and I'm glad the latest owners decided to keep it despite the slightly kitsch-y quality it lends the place. It's become a bit of a landmark in these parts, and it's unique!

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