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18 March 2009

St. Paddy's Day at Murphy's Tavern

One of my favorite places on Planet Earth is Murphy's Tavern on North Nevada, just around the corner from my studio. Family owned for generations, it's an honest to God dive-bar in the best sense of the word, and a real Colorado Springs institution. The first time I ever got stinkin' drunk was at Murph's (and I was way underage, don't tell anyone!). I've been going there since I was a freshman in college. It's really kind of old and crappy, and it has the geniune appeal of a blue collar bar but without the scary factor. The place still reeks of decades of cigarette smoke, even though they banned smoking in bars here a couple of years ago. The walls are painted institutional green. You definitely want to be drunk to use the restrooms (unless you're not picky about these things). There's a horseshoe bar covered in formica that's about a thousand years old. They've had the same bartenders forever. It's still only about $1.50 for a draw at Murph's. I rarely have to pay for more than the first round though, especially when Ron's behind the bar. In the 25+ years I've been going there, the place has barely changed. I love that.

Murphy's has been a favorite gathering place for me and most of my friends since college, and I think that statement applies to so many other groups of friends who are fortunate enough to live in Colorado Springs. It's sort of a home away from home. When my friend Dave died unexpectedly two summers ago, his wake was held at Murphy's. He would have liked that!

On Saint Patricks Day, Murph's a popular spot. I shot this from across the street a couple of hours ago. I don't think anyone noticed me, they were too busy enjoying their beer. I think I can see my friends Kathy McQ and Jerry M through the windows.


B Squared said...


Lois said...

Sounds like a great place Tamera! That's a wonderful night shot.

Anonymous said...


San Diego Farmgirl said...

It looks like that crappy but famous painting of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis and whomever in that cafe with the fishbowl windows.

Here is the Manhattan, KS version of Murph's: www.auntiemaes.com. A friend of mine I met in the dorms in 1987 is now the owner - WOO HOO!

Tamera said...

Roswell is the neighborhood around Murphy's. It's more or less Fillmore and Nevada and westward for a few blocks. It used to be an independent town but it got swallowed up by Colorado Springs eventually. I've always been fascinated by Roswell. I was planning on doing a blog post about it eventually.

San Diego Farmgirl said...

I was thinking, this shot is kind of creepy. Like you're a stalker waiting for somebody to walk to their car ... in the dark ... ALONE!

Dunt dunt DUHNNNNN!!!

Tamera said...


Anonymous said...

My Dad used to take me into Murphy's for breakfast on Saturday mornings. I was 4, and Dad was a friend of Tom Murphy (Sr) who always wore a white sleeved short shirt, and black slacks. By the by, the Roswell area was named for the train water stop, which is just south of Fillmore, adjacent to and east of I-25 on Steel Dr, near C&C Sand.