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07 May 2012

A super moon

On Cinco de Mayo, Pat and I went out for coffee after dinner and ended up cruising through the Garden of the Gods right around sunset. We noticed that there were a lot of people at the High Point (the aptly named highest point of the park), and many of them had cameras. Hmmmmm. The sunset was gorgeous, and upon turning around in the opposite direction we could see that the moon was rising in the east.  It was the "
supermoon" we'd been hearing about all week!!! When I realized what was happening, I knew I had to get a picture of the gorgeous, enormous full moon rising over the city skyline at twilight. We rushed home and grabbed one of my cameras, then sped through the city to get to our special vantage point high above downtown. Whew! We missed the moment when the moon was at its largest by only a few minutes (darn it), but I think I got a gorgeous series of shots nonetheless. This is the best of them. Could you see the supermoon from where you live?


Jacqi Stevens said...

Gorgeous, Tamera! We were stunned with that moon out here, too, though I can't say I managed any pics quite as impresssive as that one.

I just found your blog via a friend in Colorado who sent me a link to your post on the tuberculosis huts from a few years ago (for a project I'm working on). Couldn't help myself...had to take a look around!

Tamera said...

Thanks Jacqui! I'm always happy to have more readers -- enjoy!

Patrick said...

Beautiful shot of our city skyline!

bfarr said...

Beautiful shot!

Randy said...

So beautiful.