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25 August 2012

Turning back the clock at the Denver Modernism Show

The Denver Modernism Show is this weekend! My brother Chuck and I went last night and it was great. We got there a little late for the Miss Modernism Pageant (darn it!) but I did get to meet the newly crowned Miss Modernism, Michelle Baldwin, shortly afterward. My friend Jaime, who was Miss Modernism 2010-11, was there and she looked fabulous! In fact, lots of people turned up wearing their fun mod styles (I also gave it my best, but no one took my picture -- boo hoo!). It really is a great event for people watching. It's also great for shopping, and I did plenty of that too. There are over a hundred exhibitors showing everything midcentury, from furniture to cars to jewelry to art to toys to clothing... I even saw a tiki aquarium, and ooooooh I was sorely tempted! If you're into Midcentury Modern the way I'm into Midcentury Modern, you've got to make it to the show sometime this weekend.

Congrats to the new Miss Modernism, Michelle Baldwin!

This lithograph is by one of my favorite artists, Shag (Josh Agle).  I would dearly love to have it (maybe because the girl in it looks a little like me) but it was out of my budget.  Shag was actually there and I got a chance to chat with him for a few minutes. He's a nice guy.  I also met him a few years ago at a gallery opening of one of his shows in Denver, but I don't think he remembers me ;^)  LOL

Ah, the joys of early '70s decor.  Need I say more?

I sincerely hope these mod apple green chairs find an appreciative home this weekend -- they're awesome!

I thought this couple was so cool and so adorable, I begged them to let me take their picture!


Lois said...

My daughter would be rolling her eyes at those chairs but I love them!

Randy said...

I love the Litho!