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12 October 2012

Good news and bad for the Pioneers Museum

In the last couple of weeks, scaffolding has crept up the facade of our beloved Pioneers Museum. Yes, it's finally getting some long-needed restoration work! Unfortunately the museum has been in the news lately for a less positive reason: it was broken into and vandalized last week. Some person or persons broke in and destroyed antique furnishings and cabinetry, and worse yet they smashed several historic windows, part of the building's original 1903 architecture. Unfortunately the glass cannot be replaced with any kind of reproduction and the furniture is probably beyond repair, which means we've lost a part of Colorado Springs history with this senseless act. So while the outside of the building is getting a facelift, the inside is a little worse for wear right now.

P.S.  While the sky isn't the subject of this photograph, it does look awfully nice, doesn't it? I guess this means I can call it a Skywatch Friday photo.  To see more Skywatch Friday images from bloggers all over the world, click HERE.


Gunn said...

I LOVE the blue sky!
And I like the work that is going on on this beautiful old building.

Emily Smith said...

WHO would do such a horrible thing? What a tragedy. I love how you do themes on your picture blog. Such fun!!

Hilda said...

That's just awful!

Still, except for vandals and criminals, I envy your historic preservation. The Philippines has almost no such thing. :(

I hope your mom enjoys her vacation here! I'm sure she'll have a gazillion family visits, but if she can eat at Cafe 1771, tell her to order their Coffee Pie - it's to die for!

Tamera said...

Emily and Hilda, I know, it's terrible what happened. I was so upset when I heard about it! We figure it was just some drunk idiots but they did untold damage. I sincerely hope they get caught and prosecuted.

Hilda, I will tell my mom about the coffee pie!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Beautifully captured!!

Sunrise Views, come and see.
HAVE a great weekend!

Randy said...

I hate when people damage stuff in museums. That sky really does pop!

Jacqi Stevens said...

So sad to hear that, Tamera. I've been to the Springs several times, but never knew about the Pioneer Museum until just recently--when I discovered that a research project I was doing would nicely connect with a missing piece through the museum. I've been hoping to get there on my next visit.

While the damaged items are in some cases not replaceable, in addition, it takes funding to do the repairs that need to be done--money which surely is desperately needed for operating funds for the museum. This is definitely a lose-lose situation.

charlotte Geary said...

Why do some people have to suck so much? What an awful thing to do. I hope the renovations can be the silver lining of that cloud.