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06 February 2013

Costa Rica vacation, Part 5

My final post about Costa Rica. I hope you've enjoyed my pictures! I took this one as we were leaving Playa Hermosa and heading for the airport in San José. There's a bridge spanning a river in Tárcoles, and this is the view if you get out of your car and look down. I think this is funny. If it was in the U.S., there would be all kinds of safety measures and signage put in place lest some hapless incident led to a lawsuit. But in Costa Rica, you're standing on a  busy bridge, shoulder to shoulder with dozens of other tourists on a sidewalk that's about 15" wide as traffic whizzes by at 60 miles an hour, and you're hanging over a guardrail with a huge drop and hungry crocodiles waiting for you at the bottom. Hold on tight!

I think that big one in the middle looks hungry, don't you? ;^)


Bob Crowe said...

Just found these posts on the portal. Ain't Costa Rica the best? We're heading down next Thursday - after a visit to Monteverde, we're making a third visit to Tamarindo. Staying in one of the apartments owned by Dave of Tamarindo DP. We will be posting pix on St. Louis DP.

These are wonderful photos. I particularly like the footprints of the beach at sunset. Pura vida.

Tamera said...

Pura vida, Bob! I hope you have a great time in Costa Rica! I can't wait to see your pictures!!!

Randy said...

Scary gators.

Barbara Farr said...

They look like they've eaten lots of tourists. They are huge.