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30 May 2013

The CS Utilities Xeriscape Demonstration Garden

We live in a very arid climate, so gardening can be a real challenge here.  This is an understatement. I can tell you from (frustrating) firsthand experience that certain plants simply will not grow here!  So in the interests of preserving water in a drought year, as well as getting inspired while saving myself from more gardening headaches, I paid a visit to the Colorado Springs Utilities Xeriscape Demonstration Garden at 2855 Mesa Road yesterday. It's free and open to the public.  Basically this facility is great example of how you can have a beautiful garden in this not-very-plant-friendly environment, just by choosing the right species and utilizing a few water-wise techniques. Even if you're not into gardening, it's a nice place to spend an hour or two. The view can't be beat!  Above, the entrance to the garden, and below, a few snaps I took during my visit.

I'm inspired by this pergola -- I want one for my backyard!
Our state flower, the Columbine, grows well in this climate.
I love the cool fossil in this stepping stone.
You can never go wrong with cactus in the American southwest! (And in a few days, those bright green buds will be beautiful flowers.)
Killer view!


Steffi said...

Very beautiful post and photos!

Randy said...

Great looking place.

krisz fu said...

you guys are so lucky with such surroundings :)

Pierre BOYER said...

Very interesting...
Best regards from France (Sunny days this week !)...