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16 October 2013

Bobby Brown's 15 minutes of fame

Did you ever watch that reality show "Dog the Bounty Hunter"? It was on the air for quite a few years, but I think last year it was finally canceled. The star of the show was a guy named Duane Chapman, who went by the nickname "Dog", and his wife Beth. I believe there were also a couple of sons and/or daughters in the cast. They were all bounty hunters, which means their job was to hunt down people who have fled from the legal system -- either convicted criminals on the lam, suspected criminals on the lam, or people who have been charged with a crime but failed to show up for their day in court. This is what I call lowbrow entertainment, and I watched a handful of episodes because to be honest I found it quite funny -- especially Dog's and Beth's personal sartorial choices.  They both sported magnificent, bleached blond mullets, and Dog favored flamboyant, chunky jewelry, armbands, fingerless gloves, feathers, and assorted hardware. Beth always wore very tight clothes and had VERY long fingernails. They were ripe for caricature -- so much so that Pat and I once dressed as Dog and Beth for Halloween (it was hilarious).

Anyway, the show had a connection to Colorado Springs, because Dog was a close personal friend of a local bail bondsman/bounty hunter named Bobby Brown. Mr. Brown is somewhat of a celebrity in these parts. His office is on Nevada Avenue across from the the police station, and you can't miss it because it's painted a violent yellow color. I've driven past it a thousand times but never bothered to take a picture until now. "Dog the Bounty Hunter" filmed in Colorado Springs a few times, with Dog and Bobby always catching the bad guy (and as always Dog would give some kind of pep talk to the perp, trying to talk him out of his criminal ways).

Every now and then I've run into Bobby Brown running mundane errands. The last time I saw him was in King Soopers, grocery shopping. He's hard to miss, because, like his friend Dog, he's a flamboyant dresser: expensive cowboy boots; shiny, chunky jewelry; deep, deep, DEEP tan; and TONS of cologne. Yep, he's definitely a huge personality!


Stefan Jansson said...

It was on TV yesterday. I could only watch five minutes. Horrible show.

Tamera said...

Yeah it's pretty bad, Stefan! Pat calls it "lowest common denominator" programming. Alas, that kind of stuff is really popular right now. I wish it would go away!

Randy said...

Wow, you sure can't miss that place.

Barbara Farr said...

I would never take it for a bonds office. Same color as the leaves.