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12 October 2013

KISS Army!

This is something you'll never see in Europe. No matter how passionately a person feels about their politics, religion, favorite band, or any other subject, they don't use their car as a billboard to express their opinions. Americans, on the other hand, exuberantly display their sentiments on their vehicles -- sometimes in REALLY BIG LETTERS. Pat and I laughed when we saw this in the parking lot of a Starbucks last night, mostly because he was a huge fan of KISS when he was a schoolboy. I personally always thought that KISS was cheesy. I have a hard time taking them seriously, but in honor of Pat's boyhood passion, I bought a KISS t-shirt to wear, just to make him happy. Whenever I wear it (which is rarely, and always with a big dollop of irony), I never fail to get compliments from men: "I like your shirt." They don't think I'm hot or anything like that -- they just like the band pictured on my shirt! It seems that every American guy went through a KISS phase at some point ;^) 


Barbara Farr said...

Kiss is definiteLy a guy band. Although I do like a couple of their songs.

Randy said...

Nice find.