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15 May 2014

California vacation (part 8)

I'm almost finished sharing my vacation photos. Today I'll show you the wonders of Hollywood Boulevard and the Sunset Strip, and tomorrow the incredible Griffith Observatory.

We've been to Los Angeles many times, but never took the time to see it as "tourists". The day was both fun and frustrating. And hot, very hot. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the temperature was at least 95° F (35° Celsius). The fact that the Hollywood Walk of Fame is literally made of black granite didn't help! But we were determined to see the stars of the actors, directors and musicians that we admire, so we soldiered through the heat and had a great time. The best part was discovering the stars on our list, of course, but also the people-watching! The worst part was the traffic. Even on the best of days, L.A. traffic is horrendous, so you can imagine what it's like on a Friday afternoon. Just getting from the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the Whisky a Go Go on Sunset Boulevard was an exercise in near futility. Kudos to Pat for taking it on. Enough said about that!

Enjoy! Tomorrow:  the Griffith Observatory, then alas, vacation is over ;^)

The area directly in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater is seething with people. This guy had a message for us all.

This man walked up and down Hollywood Boulevard all afternoon, intoning "Jesus saves" (or rather, "Jeeeeezuuuus saaaaaves") into his megaphone in a creepy singsong monotone.

The distinctive Capitol Records Building, a Mid-Century Modern masterpiece.

This hip hop artist was selling his CD to pedestrians on the street. We bought one (the price: whatever we thought was appropriate). He was a nice guy, very friendly and engaging, and he goes by the name "Signs".  You can learn more about him HERE.

I thought this woman was so typically "L.A.", I had to sneak a picture of her.

The legendary Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip, which opened in 1964. Many famous rock acts got their start here, including the Doors, Frank Zappa, Alice Cooper, the Birds, and Guns n' Roses, not to mention practically every grunge band that made it big. We just wanted to see the place. We got there just as a band was loading in. That was pretty cool!

The banner reads, "Kristina a.k.a. Muffin will you marry me?" I certainly hope there isn't more than one Kristina a.k.a. Muffin in the greater Hollywood area, or someone will be grievously disappointed! ;^)


Randy said...

What great shots. Almost makes me want to visit, almost.

Lois said...

You did get some fabulous pictures Tamera! I would feel right at home with that heat unfortunately.

William Kendall said...

Splendid shots!

The street preacher might have once been on streets here... that message seems overly familiar.

And our Sauron obsessed fellow certainly would demand attention!